Commercial Air Rower(K-1000A)

Commercial Air Rower with Professional Design
Commercial Air Rower with Professional Design

Item No: K-1000A
Machine Name: Commercial Air Rower
Size: 2370 x 620 x 1060mm
Weight: 26kg
1) Performance Monitor
2) Get Connected
3) Flywheel and Damper
4) Low Profile
5) Storage and Mobility
6) Adjustable Footrests and Ergonomic Handle
7) Nickel Plated Chain
8) Easy Assembly
9) Durable Construction That’s Easy to Maintain
10) Overall size: 2370 x 620 x 1060mm
11) Chain or Cord: Nickel-plated steel chain
12) Monitor: PM5
13) Power Requirement: Takes two D cell batteries. During your workout, the monitor draws power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.
14) Maximum User: 150kg
15) Weight: 135kg as tested per European Stationary Fitness Equipment Testing Standard EN 20957-7.
16) Construction: Aluminum front legs, steel rear legs
17) Monitor Arm: ABS plastic. Pivots for storage and to adjust monitor height. Monitor angle can also be adjusted.
18) Finish: Powder coat
19) Color Scheme: Light gray or black
20) Storage: Can be separated into two parts for easy storage
21) Space: Assembled: 2440 x 610mm
22) Recommendations: With Clearance for Use: 2740 x 1220mm;For Storage: 635 x 838 x 1372mm
23) Net Weight/Gross Weight: 26kg/32kg
24) Packing size: 1450 x 420 x 550mm