Commercial Treadmill(K-08)

Commercial Treadmill With High Quality Motor
Commercial Treadmill With High Quality Motor

Item No: K-08
Name: Commercial Treadmill
Size: 2450x960x1590mm
Weight: 225KG
1) Horse power: Continuous 4HP,MAX 6HP
2) Speed scope: 1.6-20KM/H
3) Control system: Automatic vector frequency conversion control
4) 8 kinds of direct speed keys to select
5) 8 kinds of direct incline keys to select
6) 8 kinds of speed programming to select
7) Incline scope: 0-20%
8) Hand pulse and HI-FI sound function
9) Time,distance,pulse set display
10) LED dial instrument display
11) SD/USB card player(MP3 or WMA style)
12) Automatic tighten running belt and automatic lubrication function
13) Total distance display
14) Press”START” key after 3 seconds,the machine begin to run
15) Pause--All display data clear to zero after one minute